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Getting At The Root Cause Of Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness

As the primary culprit responsible for hair loss in men, androgenic alopecia – otherwise known as male pattern baldness – is a condition that has perplexed researchers for decades. Why do so many men lose hair as they age? Lately, a lot of attention has focused on how certain hormones in the body trigger the onset of male pattern baldness. With this better understanding of the mechanics behind the problem, exciting new treatments are being developed at a record pace. Among them, the most promising approaches target DHT specifically – the primary cause of male pattern baldness – in order to prevent the chemical reaction that results in hair loss.

Left unchecked, excessive levels of DHT – a hormonal derivative of testosterone – bind to androgen receptors in a man’s scalp, making it inhospitable to existing hair, causing it to fall out. New hair growth is stunted by the reduced size of the hair follicles, until they are eventually choked off and the hair follicle dies. When DHT production is successfully slowed or stopped by inhibiting the 5AR enzyme that changes testosterone into DHT, male pattern baldness is stopped in its tracks. The Procerin Hair Loss System contains ingredients that actually ward off the creation and effects of the 5AR enzyme. When that enzyme is effectively controlled, DHT levels in the scalp remain at a manageable level – and male pattern balding is reversed.

While many male hair loss treatments rely on harsh chemicals or invasive procedures, Blocking the production of DHT, as well as its ability to bind to receptors in the hair follicle, is a safe method of stopping the problem at its source. Procerin takes a dual approach to the problem; its topical serum helps create an environment that is amenable to hair regrowth, and Procerin tablets use natural components to help inhibit the 5AR enzyme – the naturally occurring compound that is responsible for increased DHT production, reducing the ravaging effects of DHT on male hair follicles.

Unlike many popular hair loss treatments, Procerin is all natural and is specifically designed to deal with male pattern balding. No “one size fits all” approach is taken with Procerin; only male hair loss is targeted by its formulation. Since it goes after the underlying cause of male pattern baldness, DHT, Procerin offers men a genuine shot at putting an end to their hair loss woes. In the battle against androgenic alopecia, a viable contender is finally available – Procerin truly changes the game in men’s favor.

You can learn more about Procerin and take advantage of their 90 Day Money-back Guarantee by visiting today.

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